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We are shutting Socialhunters down at Facebook's request. Our active users can continue to use Socialhunters, but we will not accept new users as of now.

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FeaturesSocialhunters was designed according to the behaviour and desires of its users
SecureSocialhunters offers its users a completely safe application experience. It doesn't store personal information of its users in any way and doesn't share it with anyone.
Brand New FeaturesThe purpose of Socialhunters is to give its users an easier experience. It creates new functions from the existing data to automate manual processes and presents them to its users. There are over 15 features in the system.
Real DataSocialhunters built its system on the basis of user and trust.For this reason, it shows completely real data in the system. It doesn't show any data that is not received by Instagram to Socialhunters' users
FastSocialhunters is constantly developing its technology infrastructure. It provides a faster experience to its users white strengthening its system with companies such as Amazon and Google. For this reason, the actions performed on Instagram reaches the user within 1 hour at the latest.
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Ask us any questionsinfo@socialhunters.appIn order to cancel your subscription, send an email to Your subscription will be cancelled in maximum 2 days period. All subscriptions are renewed unless canceled. It is the user’s responsibility to keep track of it. The amount paid will not be refunded for subscriptions for which cancellation mails are not sent to us.